Esprit de forge
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esprit de forge
esprit de forge
The Artist blacksmith, a traditional craft in motion  
The artist blacksmith uses ancient skills and techniques known to reveal the quality and value of iron. Heated in the fire, then hammered into shape in a highly skilled fashion, the piece of iron comes to life.
This ancient craft provides the artist blacksmith with a great freedom of expression to realize really unique pieces of work.

Together, we create your project
Whether it ’s for private or professional use, or whether you have a clearly defined project or just a vague idea – Your requirements and ideas will be the anchor point all throughout the realization of your commission, starting from the first drawing to the final assembly, making it a uniquely designed work of metal.
With 20 years of experience in metalworking, I can create for you grilles, gates, signs, balustrades and railings, fireplace accessories or any other object you might imagine.

About me
Starting in 1987, I learned for three years the basics of metalworking as an apprentice in Germany. Afterwards I improved my technical skills in traditional blacksmithing and increased my knowledge of art-history at the “école internationale de la ferronnerie d’art” in Reims, France.
After different jobs in metalworking and as a technical designer, I started my own company “Esprit de Forge” in 2006, embracing the challenge of creating items entirely from design to manufacturing, to match with different clients' tastes.